Particles by Shawn Mihalik

Like Colin Wright’s So This Is How I Go, I discovered another Asymmetrical Press gem I’m excited to review called Particles and written by indie author, Shawn Mihalik. Here’s why it’s worth your time.

Throughout the story, the author seems to suggest that everything in life is derivative of everything else. It’s an idea explored in books such as Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching and the old testament’s Ecclesiastes. There’s even an element of the Many Worlds Theory in his writing, and this idea is apparent at the book’s conclusion.

All of these ideas together? Sold.

Particles by Shawn Mihalik

Particles spans a couple of decades and is told from various points of view. A writer, a renowned scientist, a two-bit stage actress turned award-winning pornstar—Mihalik does a great job weaving their lives together.

At times forceful, Mihalik’s writing style is necessary to illustrate the worlds these characters reside in. The characters are lonely and despondent and horrible tragedies befall each of them. He shows us the different challenges they all face and all we can do is watch as they try and trudge through. For it is this trudge that connects us.

But he doesn’t leave us feeling completely empty at the end of the story. Shawn Mihalik leaves us with whispers of possibility and hope for a happier future. If we can look beyond the barest dusting of what we see on the surface, we might reach a place of deeper unity with one another.

Overall, Particles gave me a lot to stew about. And that’s all I ever want in a book.

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